The topic on everyone’s mind right now is cost savings. Whether you’re a housewife trying to feed the family, or someone running a paint factory. We are all looking for ways to save money.

So here’s a tip for you. I call it UPSIZING.  As you know a mineral like calcium carbonate comes in different particle sizes, such as two, five and ten microns. The smallest particle size is the most expensive because it takes longer to mill, then it gets cheaper as the grade gets coarser. So just say you’re using all three sizes and now everything has gone up in price.

The UPSIZING concept is pretty simple, but sometimes one can miss the obvious. Where you were using the 2-micron grade, test to see whether the 5-micron grade will do the trick in it’s place. Similarly, where you were using a 5-micron, see if you can’t use a 10-micron instead, and so on.

Our 10-micron calcium carbonate called ASCOM 10 is particularly good for this. That is because it has a D50 of 6.5 microns, not 10. So it is not far off a 5-micron and many of our customers have found it to be a successful substitute. The cost saving comes in since you pay the 10-micron price and get (close to) a 5-micron performance.

  D50 (Average particle size)
5-micron CaCO3 5 microns
ASCOM 10 6.5 microns

We’ll continue to look for ways to help you to save costs. After all, you need to stay in business so that we can stay in business!

Good luck out there. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for samples and prices.

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