SERINA TRADING is a South African distributor of kaolin, calcium carbonate and other minerals and fillers.


Serina Trading was born out of the closure of the Serina Kaolin mine in Noordhoek Cape Town, in 2007.

Most of the production of the kaolin mine went to the paper industry, which at that time was moving away from kaolin as a filler, to a whiter mineral called calcium carbonate.

Despite drastically cutting costs, the loss of such a huge volume of business was too much for the business to survive, so the owner decided to close down the operation.

When the kaolin mine closed down, all the staff were retrenched, the quarry was filled in and the plant and equipment was sold or sent for scrap.

However, there were still customers needing water-washed kaolin, so ex-Marketing Manager of Serina Kaolin, Jenny Jay formed a new business called Serina Trading, to import kaolin and serve those customers.

Starting off with only her assistant Natalie Duffell, Jenny has grown the business since 2007, adding more products like calcium carbonate, calcined kaolin, talc, rubber reclaim, bentonite and zeolite to the product portfolio.

As the business grew, more people joined the Serina Team which now comprises 8 staff members.


Our over-riding business philosophy is to give superior customer service, along with good-quality, cost-effective products which are predominantly minerals and fillers.


We are the exclusive agent for several overseas principals, the most important one being ASCOM Carbonates & Chemicals Manufacturing.

Serina Trading is a women-owned and managed business with strong business ethics.

Jenny Jay Ph. D
Managing Director

Natalie Duffell
Shipping Manager

Julian Arnoldus
Internal Sales

Louise Howell
Internal Sales

Derrick Snyman
Sales Manager

Brenda Grant
Sales Representative


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