Serina Trading is now offering a new High Reactivity Metakaolin called METAKAOLIN K40 which is being produced in South Africa for the very first time. This metakaolin is particularly unique and reactive since it is produced by novel flash-calcine technology which enables complete calcination of every particle.

High-reactivity metakaolin (HRM) has high pozzolanic reactivity which makes it ideal for use in Portland cement blends and cement-based plasters, mortars and concrete. The particle size is similar to the particle size of cement, which promotes an intimate and reactive mix. It has also been successfully used and tested as a pozzolanic ingredient or activator in Geopolymer formulations. The pozzolanic reactivity is defined through the metakaolin's ability to react with free lime as the by-product of Portland cement hydration. Addition of K40 METAKAOLIN to cement can improve curing rate, strength, durability, density and resistance to chemical attack. It also reduces alkali-silica reactions and efflorescence in the finished product. The white colour gives an attractive light finish.

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